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Sex With A Married Man ( Part 7 )

31 May

He was standing there in front of me. I was standing there too, just looking at him, admiring his beautiful body. He is so perfect. I leaned forward and bending down I kissed his cock feeling the heat of it on my lips. Better drain it a little, before he plugs into me. Swollen blood vessels ran along the edge of it. My hand encircled hairy balls big as apples, and my fingers sought his warm wet cock.

He spread his legs to balance himself, shoved his hips forward. He wanted the suck as much as I did. Perhaps he realized the benefit of getting off first, before the fuck. There’s no better, more satisfying connection than a hard cock slipping down your throat.

I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and sucked his cock deep into my throat. My tongue rolled around the underside of the smooth tip, washing pleasure into it. His groans made it more pleasure for me, cause I knew how much he loved it. Loved it like I loved doing it.

Slowly, he began to push deeper down my throat. I could feel his bristly pubic bush on my upper lip and on my nose, and my chin caught the slap of his low hanging hairy balls as they bounced against it. My trembling fingers continued their slow trace along his ass crack. It was hairy, moist and smelly.

His splash took a long time, long minutes of excruciating pleasure.

The power blast of cum, hot salty cream striking the back of my throat. I hung onto his ass cheeks, holding him in position, licking the hard muscle with my tongue, and when his sharp pleasure turned to pain, he pulled away. “GOD” was all that he whispered, and he fell onto the tile floor.

He was on his back, his arms resting at his sides, his incredible cock was still sticking up into the air reaching for the ceiling. I was hypnotized by the sight of his naked body, and I wanted his giant cock inside me. Anxious for the fuck, I stood over him, and my legs straddled his hips. I lowered myself down upon his saliva-slick cock.  It slipped inside, slowly at first, but with a lunge of his hips it was in all the way.

Before he arrived so unexpectedly, I had been playing with a greased dildo. My rectum was slippery with lube, and for that reason the entry was easy and almost painless. His eyes were open, riveted on mine, watching every movement, every expression of pleasure on my face that his humongous cock caused, as it massaged my prostate.

And so I began the ride, easing his cock in deeper, then out almost to the tip, then in again. I put a squeeze on my ass muscles, tightening the hold of his precious member, milking pleasure into it.

I looked down upon his perfect body, and I knew it could never be better than this. The indescribable pleasure of his cock rubbing the inside of me, touching all the hidden nerves that cause so much exquisite sensation. His lips formed a kiss. The fingers of one hand worked his nipple, the other hand found my swollen cock and began to masturbate me.

I wanted to bend down to kiss him, to feel the roughness of his unshaven beard that appeared on his cheeks and chin, to sense the real masculinity of him, while I rode his cock up and down. But I was afraid if I did he might slip out breaking the spell, so I continued the ride.

His groans became shouts of loud screaming passionate filthy words, words that were outrageous and exciting. He demanded all the strength I could give him. Sweat formed on my hairy chest and dripped down on his hairy stomach. I could feel it flow into my pits. The stink of it was wonderful.

And then with a sharp cry and super strength he pushed his hips up off the floor, carrying me up higher and higher. Somehow I fell on my back, he was hovering over me. The position totally changed. My legs found a resting place on his shoulders.

He hung over me now. His cock grew bigger, harder, as he plunged it in and out of my hole. In moments he was ready for the come, and with a shout that could be heard in London his orgasm splashed hot love cream into the deep cave of my rectum. And my cock rubbing on his hairy stomach caused my own wonderful explosion, shooting luscious cum into his belly hair.

And with exquisite pleasure that swallowed both of us into another super wet dream, I knew at once it was the greatest sex I had ever had.  I was captured in the thrall of him. The exquisite pleasure of giving.  Oh man, I will do anything, anything for you Jerry, just ask.

After a long while he stirred, sat up and looked at me, “That was something, wasn’t it” he grinned, “So great”. And then he paused long enough for brief kiss, “We’ll do it again won’t we, after we rest a bit?” he asked with a shy smile.

“Yes Jerry, we’ll do it again. Come lay next to me. See if you can get some sleep”.

“Friday night, you’ll come over to my place, okay? We’ll show Laurie”.

And as he fell asleep, I lay beside him thinking of new things and new ways, until several hours later he awoke and we began again.


Movie Of The Week: The Others

31 May

A woman named Grace retires with her two children to a mansion on Jersey, towards the end of the Second World War, where she’s waiting for her husband to come back from battle. The children have a disease which means they cannot be touched by direct sunlight without being hurt in some way. They will live alone there with oppressive, strange and almost religious rules, until she needs to hire a group of servants for them. Their arrival will accidentally begin to break the rules with unexpected consequences.

Sex With A Married Man ( Part 6 )

30 May

“Laurie asked me to invite you over for some play Friday night” he said in a soft voice, almost a whisper. It was as though he knew he was about to divulge something that he shouldn’t.

“What?” I said. I was shocked.

“She wants to meet you”.

“Jerry, tell me, does she know about us?”

“Well, sure, we don’t have secrets, especially about sex”. He shifted his position, his hand resting on my balls, fingers threading through the hairs. It felt good. I was both excited and upset by what he was saying. I couldn’t even think of the possibilities.

“You mean she wants me to come over to your house on Friday? To have sex with the two of you? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Well yeah, isn’t that alright?”

“Yeah, I guess so” I said. And then I added, “I had never been with a woman, I’m not sure I’d know what to do.”

“She figured that. That’s what turned her on. Besides, she wants to watch me suck your cock; she said she had never seen two guys making out”.

“Jerry, I’m not sure about this. I’m not sure I can even get it up for her”, but I could feel an added stirring in my cock, and the thought of what we could do was intriguing”.

So I let it rest. The time was now, and now I had this gorgeous hunk sitting next to me, and I wanted him. I wanted him to fuck me. So we watched porn on video, and forgot about Laurie. Our fingers massaged secret places, and we kissed gentle kisses. We were two naked men consumed with growing lust, and need, playing the game of the slow tease. Pressing smooth warm flesh against moist body hair. Increasing passion and desire until we could hold off no longer.

I broke the spell. I wanted his cock up my ass. I wanted to feel him inside me. Couldn’t wait so I pulled him up. Holding him in my arms, I felt the strength of him, and I said in a quiet voice, “I want you to fuck me”.

“Yeah I want that too”, he said with a grin, “ I have been thinking about it since this afternoon, been thinking of it a lot”.

Sex With A Married Man ( Part 5 )

27 May

And when it was over, he kissed me. Making a ritual of it. Kissing me on the lips, in a quiet way, and he traced his tongue down my body to my cock. It was soaring, wanting more, and he took it again, sucked it to another spouting, and then again, and later even again. We were exhausted when twilight darkened the room, and with a gentle smile he said: “Thank you, I liked that” and he left me to my memories.

But it wasn’t over. At eleven thirty that night, the doorbell rang, and he was outside on the porch. He was naked and he smiled in the light of the moon.

“Can I come in?” he asked.

“Of course, Jerry. You’re always wanted here”. I was surprised and suddenly excited. The porch light illuminated the shadows, and I could see him clearly. God, he was a beautiful man. His soaring cock was ready, his fingers twisting his swollen nubs. He was a tit man, who loved his tits to be played with, and I wanted only to suck them, to give him the pleasure he was seeking.

When I opened the door, I was naked too, and my cock stuck up just as hard and erect as his. We were two males ready for it. Hungry for the pleasure that only exists between men with a passion for each other.  And surely I was consumed with passion for him.

“I didn’t expect you”.

‘Laurie’s on the night shift at the hospital, and I kept thinking of what we did this afternoon”.

“Yes, I’ve been thinking of it too”.

I closed the door after he stepped in, and we were shut out from the world. Alone in each other’s arms, we pressed our naked hairy hard bodies together in a tongue to tongue kiss, slurping mouth juices, feeling growing excitement in our loins. We held together for a long time. Neither of us wanted to move away from the exquisite pleasure that came from rubbing our sweaty and hairy bodies together while we kissed. What a surprise to have him here, not at all expected.

I had been lying in bed thinking about how easy it had been this afternoon, and what great sex he gave me. He was one hot son of a bitch, who never seemed to get enough, always ready for more, loving the suck as much as I did. We both climaxed until there was nothing left. Yet here he was, hot and ready, his eyes full of horny lust as he looked at me, his mouth dripping, slurping saliva over his chin, wanting more cock, best of all my cock.

He slipped down onto his knees. Grabbed me by placing his hands on my ass, and pulled me toward him. His lips were open and ready as I inserted my cock down his throat. God! I loved the feeling. I loved looking down at him, seeing him on his knees out of control. I loved the suck, the exciting pleasure of it, but most of all I loved watching him, watching this married guy who loved his wife, so completely lost to the pleasures of sucking my cock, and eating my cum.

But I pulled away. “Take it easy man, we got all night. Gonna make it last”.

“Yeah” he whispered. “All night, Laurie won’t be home till after nine. Hours and hours of sweet pleasure”.

There was a pause, quietness. We sat on the sofa, our hairy legs touching. I bent my head down so that I could kiss the nipples he seemed to play with all the time. It was nice, but then he said something that really shook me up.

Sex With A Married Man ( Part 4 )

26 May

A little box of rolled logs of grass was sitting on the table next to the sofa. I noticed he was looking at it. “You smoke?” I asked. He nodded. Seems like his only communication was a shake of his head. I lit up, took a drag, and passed it to him.

The beer and the grass relaxed him, but it excited me. After a while, he looked up. We were on the sofa, next to each other. His eyes caught mine.

“I think about it once in a while” he said, “Wonder how it would be like”. The bulge in his crotch was full-grown now. He was hard, and so was I.

I pulled his hands away from his nipples and leaning over his chest I kissed them, taking them into my mouth I sucked, one and then the other. He didn’t stop me even though my hand went to his bulging crotch. He grunted his pleasure. I could taste the salt from his sweat.  His pits smelled strong. No deodorant I thought with approval.

My tongue followed the smell, sliding across his hairy chest. His arms were up, encircling his head as he sat back on the sofa. I buried my face in the right pit, sucking on the long wet hairs that grew there.  The taste was as bitter as the smell. God!

But then he pulled away. “You’re going too fast” he said, “We were just going to talk about it, remember?”

“What’s to talk about?” I asked.

“Well shit man, I’m in love with Laurie. We just got married. I can’t make love with someone else, especially a guy.”

“Love? Who said anything about love? I want sex man, sex with you. Got nothing to do with love. When I saw you by the pool that first time I could feel your vibes sending sex messages. I got a hard on just looking at you. I want you. I want you naked, so I can make you feel good too. Don’t you understand that? I want to take off those fucking speedos so I can get to your hard cock”.

“Yeah, I hear you, but I never did it with a guy. Never even thought about it until you started peeking through windows”.

“Ah! But you’ve been thinking about it. That’s good. That’s all I need. You’re going to like it man, I promise. Come on give me a chance”.

I sat back on the sofa, next to him. My left leg barely touching his right one. I could feel the bristly hairs. He was friendly like, and I felt comfortable, figuring I had him, that it was going to happen. So I let him talk. Get used to the idea of having sex with me. Just the two of us alone. In this shaded cool room, with the blinds down all kind of secret and private.

We worked on the roach. Stopped the coughing with a sip of beer. After a while, I figured it was time so I got up. We’d been sitting around long enough just touching and wanting. Lust was taking over and I could feel the magnetic pull between us. He wanted it as much as I did.

So I got up off the sofa and dropped my shorts. Standing in front of him I was bare-ass naked, my cock stuck straight out. Hard and dripping pre-cum. It was pointing at him. He kind of smiled, dreamy like, looking at my cock, entranced by the sight of it. I guess the beer and grass got rid of his inhibitions.

I moved my hips back and forth so my cock kind of waved at him, teasing. His hand reached out to it, and encircled the shaft. He started masturbating me, but I didn’t want that. I was already so hot I was about to come, so I pulled away.

“I thought you wanted to play”, he said, “Get off with me”.

“Sure man, but not that way. Let’s take our time. Tease it a little.

Build up to a roaring climax. That’s the way us queers do it”.

He didn’t stop me when I tugged at his swim trunks, but raised his butt so I could pull them off. Oh man! He was naked too. God! What a gorgeous male animal he was. Black hair everywhere. A full bush surrounding his soaring cock. It had to be eight solid inches. Eight inches of hard meat. He was uncut. The foreskin rolled back over the ridge. The tip was a deep red color, shining with love juices.

I got on my knees, supported my arms on his sturdy legs and bending forward I kissed that luscious soaring piece of male-meat.

“Yeah”, he whispered with a sigh. “I guess you better do it man, it’s all yours”.

And I swallowed it into my open mouth, down my throat. And rubbing my tongue around the precious tip of it I began to suck. The taste of him was wonderful. An unfamiliar bitterness that sent my blood surging.  Was that a residue from his wife’s’ cunt?  I’d tasted shit before when sucking cock, and loved it, but never pussy juice.

I programmed it in a corner of my mind to think about later. Wondering what it would be like to kiss his beautiful naked wife down there.

His big hands grabbed my head and held it in place. He raised his butt off the sofa and fucked his massive hard cock in and out of my mouth.  Deep down my throat. His smell was musky, sweaty. He was as hot for it as I was, and I felt his cock grow larger and harder in my mouth. He was ready before we had time to get started. He let out a loud shattering cry and his cum shot to the back of my throat and the pleasure was as intense as it could get. His thick cream tasted salty and sweet.

His cock was wet and slick with my mouth juice. Still soaring, reaching for the ceiling. “What’d you do to me?” And he fell back onto the sofa and I sat on my heels and looked at him. It was hot, hot sex.  Shit!  Jerry gave me more than I had ever expected. And I silently promised him I would from that moment on, be his for whatever.

He reached his arms out to my shoulders and pulled me to him. His open lips found mine. His tongue slipped inside. We kissed, deep hot wet kisses rolling one tongue against the other.

My hand was on his still erect cock. My fingers, threading through the mass of pubic hair, encircled the hairy balls. Finding the asshole hidden in a fluff of moist smelly hair. Oh God! Could it be possible he’d let me kiss him there? Suck him there? As my middle finger probed into his warm tight hole, he sucked my tongue into his mouth and his hands found my roaring cock. Ah god! He’s still hot, and so was I.  Shit man, he’s ready. Ready for it all. I exhaled, for I knew I had him now.

I pulled away from the kiss and disentangled my fingers from his ass crack hair, and he fell back on the sofa. He was looking at my naked body with piercing eyes, hot with horny hunger. Knowing that he was looking at me and liking what he saw, sent my cock to the moon. I stood in front of him and pushed my hips up and forward so that it was only inches from his open wet dripping mouth. And his piercing eyes were concentrated on the sight of it. His hunger consumed him. And he leaned forward and brushed his closed lips over the dripping head of it in a brief kiss, then he opened them and I slipped my cock inside the warm wet cave and he began to suck.

This was more than ever I had hoped for.

I pulled him down onto the floor. The tile was cool and smooth and it felt good on our naked bodies. Twisting around I buried my face in his hairy hot wet crotch and took his cock into my mouth once more and we each sucked the other. Giving pleasure as we took pleasure.

Sex With A Married Man ( Part 3 )

25 May

The next day, we were at the pool again. Like before, it was just him and me. He was close to bare-ass. Just the narrow strip of his speedo covering his cock and balls.

“Hey man” he said with a grin. “I saw you peeking at my wife last night”.

“Shit! Caught again” I said with a laugh. But I was upset; it wasn’t good to be found out. He’ll cut me off now.

“I guess you like sex as much as we do”.

“Doesn’t everyone?” I asked, grinning.

“I never did it before we got married. But Laurie, she’s been at it a long time. When I told her you were out there looking at us in the window, she wanted us to fuck in the kitchen so you could watch. That kind of stuff gives her kicks”.

It was nice being alone with him. But I felt bad he caught me peeking.

His nubs were big as chestnuts, just begging to be chewed on. And the bulge was still there in his crotch. All I wanted was to pull down his

speedo and kiss that luscious meat.  Man, I Was hungry!

“You saw us naked, didn’t you?” he asked. “Beautiful, isn’t she?” there was pride in his voice. “I bet you wish you were fucking her instead of me doing it”.

It was then I bit the bullet and said it. Let it all hang out. That’s my way.  “Well I’ll tell you something Jerry.  It’s you I’m interested in, not your wife. I’m gay, I like guys. And it’s you what turns me on, not her”.

He flushed. A giant blush crossed his face. And without saying a word, he turned around and walked away. That was it, just a shrug of his broad tanned bare shoulders. And he was gone.

Well, I guess I blew it that time!!! But as he neared the gate, he turned around and faced me. There was no smile this time.

“Tell me” he said, “What did you say again?”

“I said it’s you I want, Jerry. I want to give you pleasure.  I’m a gay male, a queer. Is that clear enough?” and with that, he turned and walked away, leaving me in a state of devastation.


But as he slipped out the gate, he turned once more. His hand automatically slipped to his bulging loins.  There was a brief pause, then in a soft voice, so soft I almost couldn’t catch what he said, he whispered “Maybe we could talk about it”. His face was pointed down, not looking at me, eyes on the ground.

Man oh Man.  That’s what I wanted to hear.

“Let’s go get a beer, Jerry.  Cool off a bit.  I got some Bud on ice”.

I said it as lightly as I could. He nodded his assent, and followed me to the door of my condo. And we went inside where it was cool, and dark.

Song Of The Week: The Silence – Alexandra Burke

25 May

You lift me up
And knock me down
I’m never sure just what to feel when you’re around
I speak my heart
But don’t know why
Cause you don’t never really say what’s on you mind

It’s like
I’m walking on broken glass
I wanna know but i don’t wanna ask

So say you love me
Or say you need me
Don’t let the silence
Do the talking
Just say you want me
Or you don’t need me
Don’t let the silence
Do the talking

It’s killing me
(the silence)
It’s killing me
(the silence)
It’s killing me
(the silence)

You let me in
But then sometimes
Your empty eyes just make me feel so cold inside
When i’m with you
It’s like rolling dice
Don’t know where or how you’re gonna make me cry

So say you love me
Or say you need me
Don’t let the silence
Do the talking
Just say you want me
Or you don’t need me
Don’t let the silence
Do the talking

It’s killing me
(the silence)
It’s killing me yeah
(the silence)
(the silence)

It’s like
I’m (i’m) walking on (walking on) broken glass
I wanna know but i don’t wanna ask

cause once you say it
You can’t take it back
And this the end and please just fake it fast

So say you love me
Or say you need me
Don’t let the silence (ooohhhh)
Do the talking
Just say you want me (say you want me)
Or you don’t need me (but you don’t want me)
Don’t let the silence
Do the talking

(love in silence)

You lift me up
And knock me down
I’m never sure just what to feel when you’re around

Sex With A Married Man ( Part 2 )

24 May

That night I was stalking the man I had to have. I must admit it was fun. Something I had never done before, but there was an unexpected excitement to it. I hid in the bushes, and looked in the window of a lighted room. It was the kitchen, and his wife was at the sink washing dishes. She was beautiful, I had to admit. A long shapely body, slender, except in the breast. She was naked and I had never seen a naked woman, never really thought about it until right then.

I was about to move on to a new window when the macho man walked into the room, and the sight of him caused that exquisite flash of pleasure to rush down my spine. God, he was beautiful. He was naked, too! I mean all the way, not a stitch on him. His huge cock stuck out of the thick black bush. His fingers worked his nips giving him the sweet pleasure. He was smiling, and walked to his wife with a swagger that put him in control.

She turned around. Looked at him with a lovely smile. With a sign of submission she spread her legs, ready for his cock. I thought he was about to fuck her right there in the kitchen. Her tits were big, firm and solid, with huge erect nipples sticking straight out. Begging for a suck, She reached for his cock and began jacking him. Pulling his naked body toward her.

I had my jeans down around my knees by this time. My sweaty hands working on my huge hard cock that was bursting with pleasure. Thrilled at the sight of his naked hard body, tanned and hairy.

He laughed and said something to her, and I couldn’t hear what it was.

They kissed a long kiss and he led her out of the kitchen and through the door. Shit!  Just as it was beginning to get good it ended.  The light in a room upstairs turned on. I knew then it was over for the night so I went home.

Lying on my bed, I was all the way naked, my cock raging for attention.  I got out the oil bottle and poured some on the tip, stroking a slow massage, feeling all the luscious lust and pleasure while I thought of him, knowing he was fucking his beautiful wife. And wishing it was me he was poking. And the night ended with another dream.

And I exploded cum all over the sheet.

Movie Of The Week: Constantine

24 May

John Constantine is approached by Angela Dodson who needs his help to prove that her twin sister Isabel’s death was not a suicide. The dead woman was a devout Catholic and Angela refuses to accept that she would have taken her own life. She’s asked Constantine for help because he has a reputation for dealing with the mystical. In fact, he is a demon hunter whose sole purpose on Earth is to send demons back to the nether regions. John himself has been to Hell – as a young man he too committed suicide and now knows that he is destined to return there on his death – but hopes that his good deeds may somehow find him a place in Heaven. As he looks into Isabel’s death, he realizes that demons are trying to break through to the human world and his battles lead him into a direct conflict with Satan.

Sex With A Married Man ( Part 1 )

23 May

I first noticed him at the swimming pool. He was a dream guy, like someone you build a fantasy around. Young too, maybe 24, younger than me by a good ten years. Yeah, I noticed him, and the sight of him sent a shot of adrenaline right down my spine to my cock and balls.

Just looking at him made me want him. I made up my mind I was going to have him, even though he was with a girl. He was kissing her, fingers running up her leg into her bathing suit. She smiled when he buried his face in her big tits.  Yeah, I sure did want him, and I was going to get him. His wedding ring was bright gold, shining in the sunshine. A new one I figured, just married.

I knew he had to live in the condo complex. But there were several hundred units, and I didn’t know which one was his. So I waited at the pool every day. Waited for this gorgeous male animal to show up, and one afternoon he did. This time he was alone.

He wore a speedo that hid nothing, but showed off the large soft penis captured inside. His shoulders seemed broader, his abs tighter. He was more macho than I had remembered. There was a scattering of chest hair between his huge nipples. Oh man how I would love to suck them so hard. Chew on them until he couldn’t stand it. OMG! I was hot, hot for him.  And there he was across the pool almost naked, and all alone. He was looking at me!

I nodded my head with a slight smile. Not obvious but hopefully welcoming. I wanted to put him at ease. Let him know I was available. But there was no action on his part, so I picked up my towel and walked around the pool to where he was. He smiled when I got close to him.

” You’re new here, aren’t you? ” I said, ” I’m Dan and I live right over there.” I pointed to my condo.

” Yeah, Jerry is talking, we moved in a week ago. It’s nice here “. He smiled a great smile that was natural with him. Very friendly, I thought.

Being up close, I looked at his details. The hair of his chest was curly and spread over his deep chest, and a stream of it trickled down, passed his belly button, and spread into a great patch of black pubic hair that disappeared into his speedo. I was getting hard just looking at it. I hoped he noticed that.

His eyes were sharp black, twinkled as though he had figured me out, which I thought he did, for his hand left his nipple, dropping down to the crotch. I followed it with my eyes, rolling my tongue over my lips, letting him know I was hungry for a suck, but he was too innocent to catch the invitation. He didn’t know how much he turned me on just by touching his cock. And believe me I was turned on.

” Well I live over there ” I said, ” and if there’s anything you ever need or want, just come on by. I’m there most of the time “. I grinned, hoping he’d get my invite. He nodded, but that was it. He turned and walked away.

I watched his buns rotate. Disappointed that our first meeting was so brief and so unpromising. I’m going to get him somehow. So I followed him until he entered a condo unit in the building that was next to mine. Aaaah!

I knew where he lived now.

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