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International Day Against Homophobia

17 May

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia..

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Which Bed Do You Prefer?

20 Apr

9 Things I Hate About Everyone

20 Apr

1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time!!! I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?

2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the tv remote because they refuse to walk to the tv and change the channel manually.

3. When people say “Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too”. Damn right! What good is cake if you can’t eat it?

4. When people say “it’s always the last place you look”. Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you’ve found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses!

5. When people say while watching a film “did you see that?”. No Loser, I paid L.L. 10,000 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor.

6. People who ask ” Can I ask you a question? ” !!! Didn’t really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine?

7. When something is new and improved! Which is it? If it’s new, then there has never been anything before it. If it’s an improvement, then there must have been something before it, couldn’t be new.

8. When people say ” life is short “. What the hell?? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever does!! What can you do that’s longer?

9. When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks ” Has the bus come yet? “. If the bus came would I be standing here, dumbass?

World Food Flags‏

19 Apr















Creative Custom Designed Sneakers

18 Apr

Daniel Reese or how he calls himself “ Sneaker Freaker ” is 21 years old designer of these unusual and unique sneakers. He is taking plain Nike Shoes and turning them into playful part of your outfit. The themes that he is using are web, video games, music, movies, comics and many other pop culture designs.

If you want to own one of these sneakers or any other with custom made designs, you can order them from his web shop. One pair of these shoes will cost you about $260 and usually Daniel need 4-6 weeks to make them.


Video Games




Babies Wearing Naughty T-Shirts‏

16 Apr

True Or Not

15 Apr

What you see is Not always True !!!

So, think twice before reacting 😉


14 Apr

These pictures are from Brazil

There is something sleeping on the ground and tourists come to take photos of it

Can you guess what is it?

Let’s watch and see

I Love Beirut Because Of

24 Mar

I love Beirut because I see a girl in a mini skirt and her sister in a  Chador.

I love Beirut because it is neither West nor East: it is both.

I love Beirut because you can party till 6 in the morning and not realize that it is Tuesday.

I love Beirut because in Beirut you can live as if you are going to die tomorrow and party as if they you are going to live forever.

I love Beirut because I can be swimming in the morning and 30 minutes later  I’m on the slopes skiing or doing after ski.

I love Beirut because I have never seen the sun this strong anywhere in the world.

I love Beirut because I can see 6,000 years of history.

I love Beirut because every Beiruti has a political opinion and will share
it with you even if you could care less about his and you want to share yours with him.

I love Beirut for all the conspiracy theories and how many people actually  believe them.

I love Beirut because any night I can find a friend to go out with.

I love Beirut because I do not need to call my friends to go and see at home, I just stop by.

I love Beirut because as soon as I arrive at one of my friends’ houses his mom takes me to the kitchen & becomes introduces me to everything in the fridge.

I love Beirut because one can smell gardenia and jasmine.

I love Beirut because strawberries taste like strawberries & fruits taste like fruits.

I love Beirut because the food is so good that you end up gaining even as you’re trying to lose .

I love Beirut because Lebanese women are the most elegant women I have ever seen.

I love Beirut because everyone knows my name. (a la cheers)

I love Beirut because I don’t have to explain myself.

I love Beirut because of the traffic jams and the people you meet because of them.

I love Beirut because of the noise pollution from cars honking.

I love Beirut for the spirituality of the people whether Muslim or  Christian.

I love Beirut because I’m the first to call my Muslim friends on Ramadan and they are the first to call me on Easter.

I love Beirut because on May 1st I see Muslims visiting Harissa (statue of  the Virgin Mary ) just like I see Christians.

I love Beirut because on the 22nd of every month I see Muslims going to St. Charbel and believing that a miracle will happen.

I love Beirut because women look like they’ve just stepped off the pages of  Vogue.

I love Beirut because you eat to live and live to eat.

I love Beirut because you leave one cafe to go to another and can do this all day.

I love Beirut because all the Lebanese living outside want to come back and
the Lebanese who are in Lebanon envy the ones who are living abroad.

I love Beirut because a girl or a guy can easily tell you I just had a couple of Lexo or Xanax as if they just had some gum.

I love Beirut because for every Lebanese we have a singer.

I love Beirut because the Lebanese star singers sing in nightclubs.

I love Beirut because women go into the swimming pool with full make up on.

I love Beirut because guys go in with their cigars.

I love Beirut because it has been destroyed 7 times in History and has risen.

I love Beirut because since 1975 the Beirutis have withstood the PLO  ,Syrians , and the Israelis.

I love Beirut because the Beirutis will not accept anyone to occupy them and rule over them.

I love Beirut because we feel that it is better to die on our feet than to  live on our knees.

I love Beirut because each street is a two way street even if it’s officially one-way.

I love Beirut because one can park anywhere and not get a ticket.

I love Beirut because one can go as fast as his speedometer allows.

I love Beirut because MEA lands there.

I love Beirut because on MEA we can clap in unison when we are about to  land.

I love Beirut not because it is my city, but because it is Everyone’s city.

I love Beirut because it welcomes every exiled freethinker,independent mind of the Arab world.

I love Beirut because we have hundreds of newspapers and our press is free.

I love Beirut because when I explain Beirut to my Western friends, my friends see the passion of Beirut in my eyes.

I love Beirut because when I tell my friends that I’m going to Beirut they tell me can you take me with you.

I love Beirut because we argue over who is going to pay the bill at a  restaurant since everyone wants to pay it.

I love Beirut because although everyone complains about ‘not making enough money’ everyone is living.

I love Beirut because we accept our differences as we disagree with each  other.

I love Beirut because it serves as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the Arab world.

I love Beirut because to paraphrase what Gibran said about Lebanon ‘ Had
Beirut not been my city I would have chosen it to be.’

I love Beirut because there is no city like it.

I love Beirut because even if Beirut is being destroyed you are still
beautiful and will remain beautiful no matter how disfigured you are.

I love Beirut because although we’ve been knocked down numerous times, we never loose hope…

I love Beirut for no reason.

I love Beirut for all the reasons of the world.

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