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A Friend In Need ( Part 8 )

28 Jun

When I went to work the next day my wife was still in bed sleeping. She had pulled the covers up and covered her nude body. I got a new pair of panties and wore them to work under my clothes as I really liked that sexy feel and I knew I was hooked. Tuesday and Wednesday passed slowly as I thought about my master and how I missed his attention. My wife and I just nodded as we passed each day on our way to our jobs. She was making no pretense now and was out fucking every evening. I didn’t care anymore and I just yearned for Thursday.

Thursday, I was sitting in my master’s parking lot just as I had been instructed to do. I was wearing panties, stockings, bra, and garter belt under my regular clothes. I followed him into the apartment like a little puppy dog and stood waiting for his instructions. He told me to take my male clothes off and he seemed pleased when he saw my lingerie. “You have good taste and you look like a cunt now!”

I sat down on the bed as he left the bedroom. When he returned he was wearing a pair if tight leather shorts with a zipper in front and he stood in front of me as he made me unzip them. “Each time we meet you will be required to pay homage to my cock and you will look at it as your master.” It will become the thing you live for and you will learn to crave it in your pussy and your mouth. You are officially a whore now and have no more life of your own.” “You will not masturbate or have sex unless I allow it!”

With that statement he pushed his big meaty shaft into my mouth and I gagged a little as it entered my throat and sank to his fuzz. He let it stay buried until I started to gasp for breath. My eyes were watering as he slowly withdrew and started to fuck my mouth while he instructed me on cock-sucking technique. This guy was a perfectionist and he taught me that cock-sucking is an art form and he was determined to make me the best. I was enjoying pure bliss now and I realized how much I had missed him and his beautiful prick.

I savored each droplet of cum as it leaked from tip and loved the warm silky feel as I closed my shiny, cum-coated lips around it tighter. He would stop and let me hold his dick in my mouth while he cooled down to keep from coming. He would pull it out and slap it across my face and lips and say, “Beg for it bitch, you little -!” I would try to get my lips back around it and he would tease me by pulling back each time until I finally got it back in. Then he would ram it all the way down my throat gagging me a little. “I am making your mouth into a cock-sucking pussy and I want those lips thick and puffy when a dick goes in there!”

I sucked and sucked and as I did I realized that I had become obsessed with sucking and I didn’t want it to end. My lips were swelling as he banged his crotch against them time and time again as he forced me to ‘deep throat’ him. My upper lip was starting to really swell from the pounding. He stopped a couple of times and re-applied my bright red lipstick which now coated his cock. As I felt him give in to his climax I was unhappy to see it end but I knew I would be allowed to worship his tool again later. The tart fluid flooded my mouth and I swallowed several times to get it all down. I rolled it around in my mouth as the last burst bathed my cum-coated tonsils. Man, did I love that feeling! He rubbed the last drop of sperm on my lips and chin and then went to clean himself. I just sat there licking the sticky fluid and enjoying the after-glow.

When he came back he tied me again to the “X” frame and pulled my panties down to expose my slightly stretched hole. He stooped to look at it as he applied the Crisco. I was still just a little tender but the cool Crisco felt good as he worked it into my new pussy. “You’re stretched a little but today we are really going to open you up as sluts always have big pussies!” He stepped forward and in one long stroke buried his solid cock until I felt it hit bottom in my channel. “Man I love that little girl ass of yours, it feels like a 16-year-old and I just want to squeeze and fuck it!” He grabbed both of my small cheeks and pushed them tighter around his cock and moaned as he withdrew only to slam me again. I was amazed at how little pain I was having now and then he finally hit my prostate gland! It was a feeling like I cannot describe!

I shuddered all over from the glorious feeling that flowed through me and if I wasn’t hooked before I was now. He sensed what was happening and sawed back and forth making even more contact. I had never felt anything like it and my knees went limp and I struggled to keep my feet. He put both of his big hands under my vibrating butt and just lifted my light frame up all the time working his cock in and out as I screamed in pleasure like a young bitch in heat. The screams seemed far away and I didn’t realize until later that it had been me.

My cock could not be held back and I shot a load of pent-up sperm onto the frame in front of me. My body jerked backward each time I squirted and it only buried his spreader deeper in my pulsating pussy. I could feel my pussy ring clinch and un-clinch each time a shot of sperm left my cock. He was also turned on and I felt the hot fluid boil into my cock-hungry pussy and sink into the hot fresh-reamed channel. He pounded me like a man possessed before popping his shrinking cock out of my now gaping hole. He left me weak-kneed with my heart pounding as he went to clean himself. I felt something that day that I had never felt before and my love of cock was cemented in my brain and knew I had to have more of that feeling. He came back with a wash cloth and cleaned me and the frame but did not release me as I thought he would.

After cleaning me he went to the cabinet and I heard the door open and close. He stood behind me and held something in front of me. As I strained to see what it was he said, “I am really going to open that slut hole of yours up today bitch and you won’t be the same when you leave here this time. My heart skipped a beat as I saw the monster rubber cock in front of my eyes. It was about 12 inches long and it got progressively wider from tip to its base. The widest place was about nine inches in circumference. He put a lot of Crisco into me this time and greased the monster good. As the tip contacted my stretched opening I knew I secretly wanted this even though it would hurt a little. I had become a totally dedicated fuck-slut and loved being fucked and controlled.

As inch after inch was slipped into me I felt my pussy ring stretch more and more and I felt the burning that it creates but I was too aroused to care as the thought of my pussy being enlarged actually turned me on. I was being skewered like a young pig and my ring achieved new dimensions as he relentlessly stretched and re-stretched me. I could only take about 9 or ten inches but the thickest part went in and he rolled it around and worked my ring from side to side. Then that wonderful feeling returned as he contacted my prostate again. I went crazy and started to work my pussy around on the giant shaft oblivious of the pain and forcing nearly all of it into my widening hole. I knew it was battering my insides but I didn’t care. My hole was burning up and loosening its tension as lust overcame me. He knew I was stretched and limps now from lust and heat and he quickly withdrew the big invader. I felt empty and disappointed for a moment but I soon felt something else at my dripping, slobbering pussy. He was working four fingers into my steaming slut-hole. I was now being stretched beyond belief and then I felt it happen!! His entire hand slipped past the ring and I was filled with his fist!! He shouted behind me, “Yes, Yes, Yes, you bitch, your mine now and you will never go back to women!!!”

I felt full and stuffed back there as he repeatedly pulled his doubled up fist almost out of my ass and expanded the ring. He would then shove in again after reaching the widest point. He started to massage my prostate with his fingers and I went nuts!! I slammed my ass back against the invading fist and worked it around and around trying to get the most sensation I could. I was totally in another world as the lusty sensations flowed through my body. I felt hot all over and the presence of his huge fist on my prostate only drove me to new heights of pleasure. He held his fist doubled up in me as I literally fucked myself on it. My ass was churning like a small engine as he fist-fucked me.

Unfortunately it had to end as my juice shot out like a small cannon onto and around the “X” frame. The restraints on my wrists had made chaffed welts from my wild movements and hurt as I hung limply from them. He had to catch me when I was released or I would have hit the floor. He placed me on the bed and a few minutes later I felt him cleaning my wrecked ass. The Crisco had worked wonders and I was surprised to feel so little soreness. I could actually feel how wide my pussy was as he worked three of his fingers in and leaned down to say, “Your coming along fine little girl and I think you will soon be ready to share with my friends.” He shoved his fist in one last time and as he pulled it out it didn’t even make a “pop” as I expected.

We had a cup of coffee and a little break but not for long as he sat me down again and began to fuck my mouth. He repeatedly slapped my lips with his big cock and it felt like a fleshy club as my lips started to swell and puff even more. He painted them and brought a small hand mirror and told me to look at my face. My lips were huge and had started to form in the shape of an “O”. It looked as if I had a cock in my mouth shaping them. He reached into a corner of the cabinet and showed me a close-up picture of a young boy who appeared to be in his early twenties. Showing me the first picture he said, “before and after”. As he showed me the second picture, I was amazed at the difference!! In the “after” picture his lips were enormous compared to the first one. “That’s what yours will look like when I am finished fucking them!” He laid the pictures down for me to see and started to saw in and out of my mouth again.

It has been a few weeks since he took over my life but my lips are still very large and puffy looking and my bottom lip turned down a little from resting the many cocks on it as I sucked each one. When they are painted with lipstick they look unnaturally huge but my lovers seem to appreciate them.

After another fisting and some penetration with the huge dildo it was time to call it a night. I was tired and my pussy felt open as I went to the rest room to let my hole drain before my shower. I wasn’t worried as I knew I could take another enema when I got home. I had my new enema bag safely hidden in my closet. We kissed passionately as I stood by the door and he ordered me to call him the next day. “We have a long week-end coming up and by Monday you should be a full-fledged whore and ready for some real fun. He squeezed my ass and pushed me out the door. I kept wondering when I would meet his “friends” and enjoy the “real fun”.

I drove home enjoying the stars on a very clear night and was relieved to find that my wife was still out. I looked at the clock and it was 2 AM. She was probably swallowing another load of cum somewhere while a guy shoved his cock past her tonsils but I couldn’t say too much as I was now a cum-slut too. I decided to throw caution to the wind and I crawled into bed still wearing my panties!! I knew I was beyond the point of caring now!!


A Friend In Need ( Part 7 )

23 Jun

When I finally hobbled into my house late Sunday afternoon my wife wasn’t there and I was soaking in the tub when I heard the garage door rise. Next she came in the bathroom shouting at the top of her voice accusing me of everything imaginable. I just sat in the tub and let her run her course and soon out came the tears and I knew she was about out of steam and dirty names to call me. She left the room and when I went into the bedroom later she was moving her things into the third bedroom. I told her to stop as I would not be sleeping with her anymore. “Have you found yourself a better woman?” I told her “no” that I was just tired of her bullshit and I wanted some peace and quiet for a change. I didn’t mention the fact that I knew she was fucking other guys as I saw no point in it. Women don’t like to be told of their faults. I knew at that time our marriage was over as we knew it and it would only be a matter of time until we split. Even though my pussy was very sore I was already thinking about my next fuck and I found myself just laying on the bed and dreaming about his beautiful cock and how it felt when he came in my mouth. In just a couple of days my life had changed so much. I even had a dream that night about sucking my “master’s” cock.

I called my master from work while he was at the bar working and he was pleased I had moved to another room at home. He knew that I was his now and he could use me when he desired. “I was a little afraid you might change your mind when you got home with your wife as she sounds like a hot piece of tail”, “I assured him she was good in bed but I wanted dick instead of pussy now and he seemed satisfied. “I’ll let you rest a couple of days while your pussy heals but I want you to buy some new panties and a couple of bras and get about five pair of stockings as they don’t last too long”. “Be back at my apartment Thursday evening and wait for me in the parking lot.” “DON’T BE LATE, SLUT!!!” With those words he hung up the phone.

I spent the rest of the day working and wondering where I was going to buy panties and bras without being conspicuous. I remembered a little store that I had seen outside of town that specialized in foundation garments and lingerie; it was far enough away that I probably would be safe buying my stuff there. As I pulled into the small gravelled parking lot I was relieved to see no cars there. I eased into the door quietly and started to look around. As I walked toward several racks of panties a small friendly woman about 50 approached me. “Can I help you young man?” She said as she saw me looking at the panties. I almost dropped my teeth when she asked, “Are they for your wife, girlfriend or for yourself!” I stood frozen as my face turned crimson red and I tried to give her and answer. She sensed my dilemma and put her hand on my shoulder as she said, “Don’t be embarrassed, I sell lots of things to men and they try to tell me they are for wives and girlfriends but I know better.” “I don’t understand why you want to wear female things but I will sell you what you want and even let you try them on.” “If you don’t know your size I would guess you to wear about size 6 or seven panties.” “Do you need bras?” I nodded my head and she reached on the rack and stretched a bra around my chest. It was too big and she grabbed another one. She commented on my enlarged breasts and told me usually only found breasts that big on women. She helped me pick out several pair of very sexy panties and bras and complimented me on my good taste.

They were also some of the more expensive ones and that made her happy I’m sure. She told me to go to the small dressing room in back and try one pair of panties on as well as a bra, I was told I would be required to buy the panties once I tried them on because of health reasons. I stripped off my shirt and slipped into one of the bras. It was a front hook and I had no problem. I slipped into the panties and stood looking at myself in the full length mirror. I felt a tingle in my groin as I slipped on a pair of black stockings. About that time I heard the curtains part and my clerk came into the room. I turned red again but she didn’t seem to notice as she handed me a garter belt. “You will need this to hold your stockings up,” and she fastened it around my waist and stooped to hook my stockings to it. I was wearing a very sheer pair of pink lacy panties which did little to conceal my penis and it started to harden a little. She was almost eye to eye with it as she fastened the front clips on the garter belt. By the time she had the back ones connected I was sporting a good hard on that looked like it was going to burst through the thin material. She spun me around a couple of times and smiled. “You’re built like a female, do you realize that?” “You have a better figure than most of my female customers.” I mentioned that I had been told that before. “Your breasts are actually nice and you could pass as a woman if you were fully dressed.” “I have a suspicion that you will want a dress or two so just remember I have a small selection of those too.” I looked into the mirror and saw that a drop of fluid had leaked from my cock and wet the front of my panties. This gal knew what she was doing and I suspected she was a little turned on by the entire scenario. She told me to wear the ones that I had on and before I could say anything she grabbed my fruit of the looms and stuffed them in a bag. I slipped my white undershirt on and buttoned up my dress shirt. The bra made my tits really stick out and I felt a strange, yet warm feeling as I looked at them in the mirror. I pulled my pants up over my garter belt and stockings. I had my shoes off and when I stepped into them they felt a little loose with just the stockings on. After selling me two more garter belts my new friend took my money which was quite a bit.

I had left my sport coat in the car and as I left the store a woman was coming in and when she got close she really checked my breasts out good. I quickly got into the car and drove home. Fortunately my wife was not home yet and I managed to stash the clothes in my closet under a heavy box that I knew she couldn’t lift. Then, as I looked in the mirror and prepared to finish hiding the things I was wearing I saw what the woman outside the store had seen. My lacy push-up bra could be easily seen through the thin material of my shirts. At points where my shirt was tightest my big boobs pressed against the material and you even see my nipples pressing outward. It was very obvious that I was wearing a bra and had good boobs. A tingle went through me and I knew then I was starting to enjoy the feeling of lingerie! I hated to take my panties and bra off and I really loved the way the stockings caressed my legs but I finally stowed them with the rest of the stuff and got in the tub.

I was eating in the kitchen when my wife came noisily through the door and got a glass of milk out of the frig. I smelled alcohol on her breath and knew she was pretty drunk. Her hair was a mess and her clothes a little disheveled and I knew beyond a doubt that she had been fucked because when she bent over to get the milk I saw she was not wearing panties. She mumbled something that sounded like, “Hello asshole”, and stumbled toward the bedroom fastening her blouse as she went. I heard the bed creak as she lay down and after eating I looked into her room.

She was passed out on the bed and snoring like a bear. She was completely nude and I couldn’t resist walking over and looking at her. As I looked down at her I realized she was a mess! As I looked closer I saw her pussy-lips were swollen and her legs had dried sperm around the opening. You could still see her wet pussy as it lay swollen and distended. Her lips were puffy and her hair had what looked like dried cum in it. I bent over and caught the familiar smell and I knew she had been sucking dick again. My suspicions were that she had been fucked by more than one man. She was a good-looking sexy woman even in this condition and a little flicker of remorse went through me but it didn’t stay long and I walked from the room thinking about Thursday when my master would feed me that beautiful piece of meat like I was a hungry dog. My ass tingled as I thought about his big cock reaming me again and I knew that by Thursday I would be caving it. My pussy remained a little stretched but was feeling much better and I knew it would welcome that big sweet shaft even if it did hurt a little. I licked my lips in anticipation.

A Friend In Need ( Part 6 )

22 Jun

When I awoke the next morning my pussy was sore and my mouth was dry after having the dildo in my mouth all night. I lay there for nearly an hour pondering all the things that had happened so far. It felt strange but yet exciting to be “queer”. I was still fastened to the bed with the small chain but I could sit up and look around at the equipment in the room. He finally opened the door and unfastened the chain and told me to get cleaned up for breakfast. It was amazing the way he had taken control and I wasn’t fighting it in the least. I showered and then filled the tub with warm water. I flinched when my tender pussy touched it as I sank slowly in and lay back to relax.

My mouth felt empty now that the rubber cock was gone but my lips still wanted to stay open and I had to force them closed. I moved a little and touched my tender freshly raped pussy. I gingerly eased a finger inside and I could feel it go in easily but there was too much tenderness and I lay back down to soak. I was almost dozing when he came back and told me to dress in the things he had put on the bed.

After easing out and drying myself I walked to the bed to dress as I was getting very hungry. There on the bed was a pair of pink lacy panties and a pair of stockings with a garter belt. A pair of women’s high-heeled shoes sat on the floor. As I stood looking at them he walked up behind me and said,” I won’t make you wear these all the time but I want you to start thinking like a slut.” As I pulled the panties up my legs they felt silky and exciting and I loved the feel around my crotch. I also loved the feel of the stockings as they caressed my legs. When I had the garter belt fastened I stepped into the shoes and I felt as if I was on stilts as the heels were 5 inches high. They were a little large but were not too loose. As I started toward the kitchen I could hardly stand up and I wondered how women ever walked in these things. I held on to the wall as I made my way to the kitchen. When I stumbled in he had breakfast on the table. He smiled and said, “I can’t get over how fem you look and I think with a wig and a little make-up you could pass for a female easily! He squeezed my ass and felt my tits and I felt that wonderful feeling go through me again. “Eat your breakfast so we can get started with your training.”

I was so hungry I had my plate clean and was looking for more. “No more for you as I don’t want you ruining your girlish figure, “he said as he moved the dishes into the sink.”I know guys who would kill for an ass like yours and I don’t want to ruin it!”

I managed to get back to the bedroom without falling on my face and I started to walk just a little better but I knew it would be awhile until I had the shoes down pat. “How is your pussy feeling this morning?” he inquired and I told him it felt a little better after my soak in the tub. “Good, as I am going to fuck you again later!” I cringed at the thought but I knew it would happen. “First we will continue to improve your cock-sucking skills,” he said as he unzipped his bike pants and took out his hardening dick. “Just looking at your narrow waist and ass make me horny and I want to fuck you every time I see you!” “Your one in a million and I want to train you right.”

With this he sat me on the little stool and put a lot of red lipstick on my lips again. He moved forward and my mouth just seemed to open naturally and I knew the big cock had found a home. I loved the feeling as the silky flesh moved across my lips and I locked them as tightly as I could each time he withdrew. I tasted the sweet yet tart fluid as it leaked from the opening and I ran my tongue in to try to get more. I was already thinking about his sperm and I had already started to crave the feeling it made as it pulsed into my hungry mouth. I knew then why my ex-wife always craved sucking so much and why she always wanted me to cum in her mouth.

My lips started to swell again and I knew they would soon start to thicken permanently. I wanted them to look like a pussy as I knew it would make my sucking better and I wanted to be a good cock-sucker and please my master. He was pleased by my efforts and told me I was already better than some of his friends. “I can’t wait to show you off at one of our parties!”

When he filled my mouth with his hot love-juice I was almost sad to see my sucking end and I rolled the sticky fluid around and around in my mouth as long as I could before letting it slowly trickle down past my cum coated tonsils. How could I have become a cum-slut so quickly? I felt as if I was drowning in the blissful feeling that went through my body as my dick hardened in my panties. I reached and rubbed some of the cum over my nipples and I almost climaxed at the contact. My big female sized breasts were a little sore but the nipples were hard as rocks and big as nickels! I looked down at my stocking covered legs and I actually started to feel a little feminine.

We continued until lunch as I practiced walking and moving like a woman. He especially liked it when I swished my ass as I walked. After eating he gave me a good enema and fastened me on the big “X” frame. He faced me toward it and fastened my hands to each extension. He took my panties off but left my stockings and garter belt on as well as my shoes. I stood spread eagled as he fastened my ankles to the restraints. I hear him leave the room and returned shortly. He held something up to my nose and asked me if I recognized it. I shook my head and he said, “Its Crisco cooking grease and it the best thing there is for greasing a pussy!” I felt the pain as he shoved a handful into my sore hole. I felt some slide down my leg and then I heard him unzip his shorts. He never said another word but stepped forward and with one thrust he almost raised me off the floor. He ripped into my Crisco soaked ass like a freight train and I let out a loud yell. “Don’t yell or I will make it rougher on you!” I bit my lower lip as he withdrew and slammed my tortured pussy again. I thought he would never climax as he moved his big tool from side to side and up and down. I was actually getting a little numb when he finally unloaded into me with a loud “Yes.” “You’re stretching beautifully” he said as he stooped and inspected my new pussy. “It won’t be long until you will be ready for some hard, fast action back there.

He traced his fingers around my red-coated lips and remarked, “Your lips are getting larger too now.” With that in mind he soon had me back on the stool sucking him to an erection again. Even though I was hurting in my pussy I still enjoyed that big dick in my mouth again. I spent the next twenty minutes or so using all my new learned skills trying to get my foamy reward and when I felt him gush into my cock-hungry hole I knew the craving for cum would only get greater each time I ate his meat. I spent part of the afternoon sitting in the tub again as I let my now distended pussy eases its pain. Later after kissing him goodbye I walked toward my car still wearing my stockings and panties under my male clothes. I was dreading the job of facing my slut wife but I really didn’t care at this point. I had found a new life as a sissy whore and I loved it.

A Friend In Need ( Part 5 )

21 Jun

I winced a little when he pulled the fastenings tight and I was stretched out on the bed. He poured more lube between my cheeks and rubbed it all up and down my crack as well as forcing some painfully into my virgin opening. He then sat down on the bed and we talked as he told me he was in command now and it was my last chance to back out.

He told me if I agreed to proceed there would be no turning back and I would be his to do as he saw fit with me. He said there would be pain involved but he would not cause me to feel more than I could handle. He confessed to having trained a couple of more guys before me. He told me to think about it for a few minutes and he left the room. Before he stepped out of the room he told me he was going to fuck me regardless of what I decided as my sweet little ass was just too good to pass up.  I lay in deep thought as I ran all the previous hour’s activity though my mind. I had heard of men being made into slaves by dominant women but I had not heard much about dominant men.

I knew I was making a big decision and I knew my friend was very serious about what he said. I knew he would shortly be forcing that massive shaft into my “pussy” as he called it and my being tied down     would leave me no choice. When he came back into the room he pulled the gag from my mouth and asked what I had decided. I threw all caution and doubts to the wind and agreed to his wishes. “Good,” He said and shoved the latex ball back into my mouth.

He then walked to the large cabinet and I heard him open the door. I felt the bed move as he sat down along side of me. “First we will open that little pussy up a little bit so it will be ready to use.” With that I felt pressure at my opening and he started to shove a small dildo into the tiny puckered opening. “You are much tighter than other pussies I have serviced, so it will probably hurt more so try to relax.” He only had about two inches into me when he told me I needed to have a gag. He quickly untied me and after using a special nozzle in the shower I was flushed and clean as he re-tied me to the bed. “You need to always have yourself clean inside when we are together and if you don’t have a gag, buy one before you go home!”

I felt the tip of the rubber cock enter me again after he greased me good. Slowly and a little painfully I felt the cock settle about six inches deep into my ass. The pain gave me some inkling of what was to come when he forced his over-sized meaty intruder into me later and a little chill went through me as I felt both fear and excitement. He left the cock sticking up to the base in my pussy and rose off the bed. Then I felt the sharp sting of the first blow from what I later knew as the “whip”. My ass cheeks burned from the first blow as the second one bit into my tender flesh. Tears came to my eyes as he struck the third time and I moaned in pain as the gag prevented my scream. “New pussies need to be taught discipline and you will be disciplined on a regular basis each time you fail to please me,” He said and he brought the whip down again. He pulled the gag from my mouth and told me to repeat the words he was saying. “I am a cock-slut and a sissy pussy slave.” “I will always address my master as “Sir” and speak only when given permission.” “I am good for only one thing and that is to be used by my master and his friends.” I repeated those and other things over and over as he struck my new tender ass with the whip and shouted “Louder, I can’t hear you!”

He finally laid the whip down and I felt him remove the small dildo and a larger one soon took its place. The pain from my burning cheeks helped take my mind off the new much larger intruder as he worked it painfully between my newly stretched opening. In the coming days my pussy would be stretched to unbelievable dimensions and would eventually hang open like a well used vagina but now it was virginal tight and resisted as the monster dildo split me wide. I thought it would never reach full penetration but soon I felt it hit bottom with a sharp thrust and I must have had at least eight or nine inches wedged inside me. He worked the shaft from side to side and in and out in an effort to open me up. “I don’t want to get you too loose as I want you to feel my meat and you will know you belong to me,” He said as he dislodged the rubber invader and pulled it slowly out. I felt a great relief as my ass gave a little “pop’ as it closed behind the retreating shaft.

I relaxed my ring and took a deep breath but my relief was to be very short-lived as I felt him straddle my body and his rock hard prick contact my ass cheeks. “Now I am going to make you my slut, you tight little bitch, and your pussy will never be the same after today!” I felt the greased knob contact my little slightly stretched opening.   The large mushroom-shaped head was forced painfully just into the opening and as he paused he said to me, “You will never forget me and this day!” As the words left his lips he thrust forward, putting all his weight behind his battering ram.

I almost bit the round gag in two pieces as I was split wide open like a pig on a barbecue spit. The pain was excruciating and with one shorter slam I felt his nine-inch monster hit bottom with a sharp pain.

My eyes filled with tears and I moaned loudly as the burning spread down the channel of my ravaged ass. He held steady for a moment as I gasped for breath to prevent my passing out. I was hurting so bad I couldn’t concentrate and I barely heard him as he said,” How does it feel bitch, you hurting now but you will grow to love and maybe even beg to be fucked by anyone who will do it to you.” Sluts always end up that way and my intuition tells me you’re going to be a great piece of pussy for a long time.” Even in total agony as I was I knew he was probably right as I loved the feeling of being used.

Slowly he started to pull his ram out of my freshly debauched pussy and relief spread through me. I felt as if a hot baseball bat had been removed and I sighed a sigh of relief. But before I could begin to enjoy it he rammed me again, this time burying it in one long stroke.  My muscles drew up tight as the pain returned but it was mostly just burning now as he started the fucking motion in and out of my now stretched new fuck-hole. He moaned and called me many names as he relentlessly spread the tiny ring over and over. He would pull completely out and shove roughly back in with an effort to stretch the ring. I could feel my ass cling to his thick cock like a pair of lips as it turned inside out. He had great staying power and he would slow down at times to prolong his climax. He must have used me for at least twenty minutes before he finally gave a grunt and with one last painful thrust he deposited what was to be only one of many, many loads of cum in my open hole.

After I felt the long, shrinking shaft slide noisily from my once virgin pussy I felt him crawl off me and go into the bathroom. He returned with a warm wash cloth and started to clean my fresh-fucked hole and my red whip-marked cheeks. The warm water burned a little but the heat felt good as my opening throbbed and ached. He brought the rag near my face to show me the red blood-stains on the cloth. “You bled a little just like a young female but don’t worry it’s just a few small blood vessels and they won’t be any problem.” “Your cherry is gone now and in a few days you will feel much better and we can really put your new pussy to good use.” As I lay there waiting for my pain to subside he untied the restraints after removing the gag. I sat up and could hardly put any weight on my ass even on the soft bed. When he saw me wince he took my chin roughly in his hand and said, “How does it feel to be part woman now?” “I will be wanting those sweet little cheeks under me all the time now so you won’t be spending a lot of your time at home with your bitch wife.” “First I will teach you total obedience and to be a devoted cock-sucker and also how to use your pussy to please me and my friends.”

After eating he took me back to the bedroom and put me into a leather harness-like device that had a ring that circled my cock. “We will be shaving all your hair from your body and you will stay good and smooth at all times! ”You will not masturbate or have sex until I give you permission!!” “Your wife is getting plenty from other guys so you won’t be fucking her anymore!” He then sat me on a seat at the base of the large “X” frame and pulled and fastened my hands over-head. He then stood in front of me and unzipped his latex bile pants. As he forced his stiffening purple head into my mouth he said, “Since your pussy is probably too sore now for anymore action we will practice cock-sucking the rest of the afternoon”. Three hours later after coming two more times down my cum coated throat I had perfected my deep-throat technique pretty good. I had sucked constantly and it felt strange not to have a cock in my mouth. He was tireless as he fucked my mouth. In and out, in and out, went the massive hard meat as he plundered my swollen, chaffed lips. My lips were so puffy later that I looked as if someone had struck me in the mouth. He even put red lipstick on them to make them look more like a pussy. After applying the lipstick he stood back and admired his work. “Just like a pussy and they will only get thicker as you suck more and more cock!”

Finally as he prepared me for bed he handed me the phone to call my wife to let her know I wouldn’t be home until the next day. “Better think up a good story pussy-boy, as women are very perceptive.” I called her and told her I would explain when I got home, that would give me more time to think up a good lie.

My mouth was fucked until my neck ached too badly to hold my head up and he finally agreed it was time for bed. I was attached to the bed frame with a small chain and a large butt-plug was inserted into my painful bruised pussy. I jerked as the big cone-shaped object forced my pussy lips open but I could tell that they weren’t as tight as before.  I knew I was well on my way to becoming the pure slut he wanted me to be and even all the discomfort could not squelch the excitement that I felt. He then put a gag on me that had a very thick four-inch rubber penis attached to it. It fastened with a tiny clasp behind my head that could only be opened by someone else. My lips would stay stretched open all night and would start to take on the round “O” shape of a pussy.  As I lay there in the dark later with spit draining down the corners of my mouth from the gag I realized how methodical and intelligent this guy was. I lay and speculated about the next day and finally dozed off to sleep.

A Friend In Need ( Part 4 )

20 Jun

As he continued to use my mouth he moved his cock from side to side trying to get all the sensation he could and soon I felt the huge member start to get much rigid as I heard his breathing start to get louder and he pulled all but the hot, sticky knob from my mouth. I held on just behind the head with my lips and squeezed them together tightly, a trick my wife used when I came in her mouth. It enabled me to have my mouth empty in order to take all his sperm. I had seen my wife swallow many times but I never realized how much ejaculate a man produced until that day.

The first shot literally inflated my jaws like a balloon and I felt like someone had stuck an air hose in my mouth. I felt a small amount dribble down the corners of my mouth but managed to swallow most of it before he shot another burst between my sucking lips. It tasted nothing like I expected and I was not offended by the taste. I was almost giddy with desire and lust at this point and I sucked and licked the sperm from the corners of my mouth as he drained the last of his precious fluid into my sucking hole. I felt very “used” as he lifted his leg from over my body and lay back with a sigh. I had mentally entered the world where I was to become a submissive pussy boy.

Neither of us moved for several minutes as my mind wandered and I considered all the things that had happened so far. I wondered if somewhere down deep I had not been “queer” all along and it had just taken the right circumstances and the right person to bring them out in me. I knew there could be no turning back now as I had enjoyed his cock in my mouth too much not to want more. I wasn’t certain I wasn’t bisexual but I knew my need for men would only get greater and if I turned gay, so be it! I thought about my wife and I realized I didn’t care anymore about who she fucked or how often. I would cross that bridge later. I was enjoying the after-glow too much to even think about it.

We both moved at the same time as he turned toward me and kissed me again, something I was really starting to enjoy. I buried my tongue in his mouth as he searched mine and we embraced like two young lovers.  He broke the embrace and lined up on one elbow as he looked into my eyes and said, “I was hoping so much that I wasn’t wrong about you when I asked to drive you home.” I have watched you on other occasions when you came in for a drink and I have never seen a man your age with such a sexy, feminine like body and how in the hell do you stay so slim?”  “I am small like my Mother,” I replied. “I’ve never seen such beautiful tits on a man and get turned on just watching them,” he said as he grabbed a large nipple and twisted. “Many a time I have wished they weren’t there, I told him, but I was just too much of a coward to have them reduced.” He smiled and said, “Thank goodness you never had it done as I am planning on having a lot of fun with these beauties!”

We lay and talked for quite a while as I grew more comfortable with his take-charge attitude. I found myself easily agreeing with many things he suggested. But we both started to get horny again and this time I made the first move as I sunk down over his beautiful hardening cock. I could see the traces of sperm on it from the first time and I licked the entire residue off and I could not believe how already I was craving this large piece of meat. I lathered it up and down with my lips like a kid with and ice-cream cone. I lost track of everything but that beautiful tool in front of me and I actually started to talk to it like it was alive. I heard a moan from him as he said, “You are already a cock-slut and I don’t think you realize what a whore you will become in the next few weeks.” As I closed my lips over my prize I felt it grow that final inch of hardness that pressed against the opening to my throat. I had heard about “deep throat” and I was determined to do it.  He managed to keep from climaxing and after about twenty minutes of effort with his instructions and help I finally felt the large knob lodge itself tightly in my throat almost to the base. I could only keep in down a few seconds and I gasped for air as the tears flowed from my eyes and it dislodged itself. I looked at him smiling as I waited for his approval. He told me I was a “natural” and would only get more relaxed and enjoy it as time went by. I was a little disappointed when a few minutes later he shot the second load directly into my gullet and I really missed tasting and rolling it around in my mouth. He repaid me by sucking me to a climax and then depositing it into my mouth as he deep kissed me, letting the tart fluid drain into my cum-craving cavern.

As I lay licking the final bit of male fluid from my lips he rolled me over and started to squeeze my small ass cheeks. He eased then apart and toyed with my small virgin opening and said, ” I am going to really enjoy turning that little hole into a real “pussy “I saw him pick up a bottle of lube sitting near the bed and as he started to pour it between my cheeks I knew my days as a man were over and I would painfully be entering the world of woman-hood soon. After rubbing the fluid between my cheeks he forced some into my tiny rosette with his finger. It hurt but I would find out what real hurt was later as he ripped his big mast into me, but I knew he was in command now and even though I was a little afraid and apprehensive I knew the word “no” was no longer in our association. As he spread me face-down on the bed and fastened my arms and legs to the posts I resigned myself to my fate. As he forced the round ball gag into my mouth I knew I was now at his mercy and could only hope he would be gentle but my mind knew better.

A Friend In Need ( Part 3 )

16 Jun

As he continued to massage my aching body he asked me to turn over on my back which naturally left my entire front exposed. I was a little embarrassed as my cock was still semi-erect and had a little fluid on the end. He pretended not to notice and went back to his business by starting with my feet. I had never had anyone massage the bottoms of my feet and I was surprised at how great it felt. I just lay with my arms folded behind my head as this guy worked his magic. He spent quite a while on my feet and I was about to doze off again when I felt him start to move up my calves. He was good at what he did and I entered a state of Euphoria. He rubbed almost up to my cock and I felt his hands “accidentally” brush my cock again and quickly moves away. As hard as I tried to prevent it, my cock started to harden a little. He was not in any hurry and he moved over me to my neck and shoulders.

His body was now conveniently situated over me and I felt his prick and balls laying on my lower belly. He started to massage my neck and shoulders and I closed my eyes sleepily as every muscle in my body started to relax except my cock. Each time he rubbed against me it caused my cock to twitch and finally I had a complete hard-on. I must admit many emotions were zipping through my body and mind at that time.

I had never been attracted to men but I was feeling something that I had never felt before. There I was under a handsome virile man who was controlling my every move and I found myself enjoying it. I felt both guilty and elated as he took all the pressures of the previous days from my tense body. I started to forget about my wife and my problems at home and just enjoy the moment.

When his fingers contacted my over-developed breasts I jumped a little. I usually wear thick shirts to conceal them. My new friend seemed delighted as he molded and caressed them and I knew this was not normal massage procedure. He felt my body tense as it aroused me and he just concentrated his efforts. I was as hot as I had been with my wife as he rolled my large nipples between his fingers. “You’re not only soft like a woman but you have tits like a woman,” He said as he did his best to arouse me more. At that time he did something that would change my life forever. He leaned down and kissed me just like a female would kiss and I just melted in his control. I found myself loving the kiss and I started to return it as I wrapped my arms around his body. He ran his tongue down my throat and I felt pure, hot pleasure unlike any I had felt in a long, long time. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and said, “Just relax and let me take care of you and all your problems will disappear.”  He had me where he wanted and as his lips trailed down toward my crotch I knew everything would be “okay’.

He kissed all my sensitive areas like the experienced lover he was and as I felt my now stiff prick engulfed by his hot, wonderful mouth I just gave in completely not truly realizing just how my life was about to change. I only lasted a few minutes under his expert moves and I felt my sperm burst into his sweet, hungry mouth. He wasted none as he drained me like an open hose. We lay entangled in each other’s arms as I returned to earth. Then I felt him raise his body and straddle my chest, his own super organ standing up with just a curve toward the roof. I really realized then just how formidable it was and then I felt his hands cup my head and the tip of his machine touch my lips. “Time to return the favor, baby,” He said as he forced the large helmet like knob between my lips. Soon my mouth was stretched to its widest as his rammer violated my once virgin cavern and I struggled to bring him pleasure as he had done for me. I suddenly wanted to please this man and I sucked hard just as if it was my destiny to bring him satisfaction. I felt titillating feelings go through my groin as I felt the hot meat working inside my mouth.

I knew I wanted this more than anything and I felt warm and content as my new lover took complete control of my body and my emotions. As I continued to suck I started to moan and grab his cock working my lips around and over the knob as I tasted my first taste of male sperm. I wanted to devour him but I didn’t want it to end either. I was now aware that I had entered the “queer” world and I felt good about it. I was out of control as my lips made loud slurping sounds and I slobbered around his cock as I took as much in as I could. When he hit the back of my throat I would close my lips tightly around the shaft and fell the veins as they slid out between my cock-sucking lips. I was now a “cock-sucker” and I wanted to shout it out!!!

A Friend In Need ( Part 2 )

15 Jun

As we sat drinking our second cup of coffee, I started to feel a little better and soon my friend told me that I could use his shower and he had some extra underwear if I wanted to borrow it. He also showed me the bedroom where I would sleep. The room was large and in one end it had some work-out equipment. As I looked around inside I saw something which puzzled me. There was a large wooden frame shaped like an “X” at one end of the room and it had steel loops placed at each extension of the “X”. He saw me looking at it and quickly pointed me toward the bed which sat in the corner of the room. He told me I could sleep there and he had just put clean bed-clothes on it. Also sitting in the corner, was a large closet which was locked with a formidable looking lock hanging on the clasp. I was still too hazy to really concentrate so I left and he took me to the shower.

I couldn’t wait to get under the warm water and clear my head so I started to clumsily remove my clothes and soon I was standing naked by the shower stall. He returned with hangers and some clothes. He put my pants and jacket on the hangers and handed me the things he had brought me. “You can change into these when you dry off,” He said and lay them on a little stool. I was already entering the shower and I grunted an “OK” and slide the door closed behind me.

I felt much better as I turned the warm water off and finally stepped from the stall. Amazing what a warm shower will do for you! I dried off and reached for the clothes he had brought me. I was surprised when I picked up the underwear and robe. The underwear was bikini style and a very sexy looking lilac color and looked almost like my wife’s and the robe only came to mid-thigh and was silk with a small ribbon to tie it together. I hesitated but finally slipped the silky panty-like shorts up over my crotch. The flimsy silky material was almost transparent and my cock and balls were pretty obvious. I put the robe on and stepped from the room. As I moved I liked the silky feel of the bikinis as the caressed my legs and the silk robe gently caressed my tits as I moved.

I was actually starting to get an erection but when I saw my friend it disappeared. He was waiting to take his shower and he was standing nude by the door. I could not help but notice his body. It showed the hours he had spent working with his weights and things and he had very little fat and a very flat stomach. He was not shy and as he turned toward me I saw his massive cock and balls move around and settle back in place. His cock was the thickest I had seen in a long time and hung down like a large club just waiting to be used. He was soft but I knew he would go eight or nine inches when erect. Only in a XXX movie had I seen a piece of meat this big. I stood looking at his equipment until finally he spoke. “Mother Nature was good to me and blessed me with more than average tools.” I blushed as he caught me staring.

When he came out of the shower I was almost asleep on the kitchen chair and we agreed to go to bed. He told me to sleep as late as I wanted as we were both off Saturday. I was soon under the soft silky covers and slept almost immediately. I didn’t wake up until nearly twelve o’clock and he was shaking my arm. I had to wake up a little more to realize where I was. As I came back to reality he said, “Breakfast is almost ready if you want to eat.” I suddenly realized I was very hungry and eased out of bed as he left the room. I looked down at my silky fem-like shorts and then reached for the silk robe. I really liked the feel of that silky underwear as they caressed my balls and ass as I walked.

As I headed toward the bathroom he handed me a new toothbrush and told me to get the booze smell off my breath. He didn’t ask me but TOLD me to use the brush. It was the beginning of my new sub role and I didn’t even realize it. I took the brush obediently and went to the sink. As I returned to the kitchen and sat down at the table he sat a cup of coffee in front of me and that’s when I noticed what he was wearing. He had on leather pants with a little vest and no shirt underneath. He looked like a biker but a much cleaner version. On his shoulder above his bicep was a large tattoo of a Black Panther ready to pounce. Just under the panther was a small tattoo of a set of handcuffs. There was something sinister but exciting about this guy and I was very drawn toward him.

As we sat and ate he told me he liked the robe on me and said I had a pretty good body and looked good in my “panties”. I caught the significance of the “panties” and got blushed a little. “A little working out and you will be in good shape.” He said. “Your soft like a girl but that isn’t all bad.” and he smiled.

We chatted for a while and finally wound up in my bedroom working with some of the lighter weights. I was still hung-over a little but watched as he did his warm-ups. After a few minutes he said he was going to change so as not to get his leathers sweaty. I was sitting on the bench as he calmly dropped his pants right in front of me. I was only about a foot from his massive shaft and I noticed it seemed to be hardening just a little as my eyes stayed fixed to it. After giving me a good look he turned and unlocked the large cabinet and with his back toward me he removed several things. He turned and flipped a leather harness-looking thing on my lap. “This will help support you when we work out he said and you wont be as likely to pull a muscle”. As he slipped on his black satin gym shorts I tried to figure out how the leather contraption worked. He finally had to help me and then I stood with in a very restricting leather harness which pushed up under my tits and went all the way down between my legs. It had a zipper at crotch level to facilitate my relieving myself. It had several large chrome “O” rings placed in certain places. It fastened in the back so I would need help when I wanted to remove it. I couldn’t see where it would help me not to pull a muscle but my friend assured me I would get used to wearing it. He had put on leather wrist braces and his skin-tight satin work-out pants pushed his cock and balls up and just made them more noticeable. I saw that he had a long zipper in front of his shorts too. He motioned me to lay down on the weight bench as he assembled some light weights on the bar. As I lay on my back he straddled my head as he let the weights down to my hands. His basket was only about two inches above my head and I could smell the man smell about him. He very gently let his cock come into contact with my face as he backed off to let me work.

I had never been that close to a cock before and it sent an unfamiliar chill through me. Several times during our workout he managed to let me contact his cock and balls just enough to test my re-actions. We worked out for about an hour and then I had enough and I tried to stop to prevent excessive soreness the next day. He insisted we continue a little longer and like a little kid obeying his father I went along. I was starting to enjoy having someone else make the decisions, even if he was younger than me. I was wearied from trying to keep my marriage together as well as bossing people at work. I was relieved at having someone else do the thinking for a change.

As I spent the day with this guy he took more and more control over me and even took me out to lunch later. When we finished with our work-out he insisted on giving me a message to prevent soreness and I lay down on my bed after getting nude. He also removed his clothes and wrapped a towel around his waist as he climbed on the bed and straddled my body. I was on my stomach and he leaned forward and started with my neck and shoulders as his talented hands started to ease my tension. As he moved over me the loose towel let his cock and balls hang down without restriction and each time he moved forward his cock would slide up over my ass-cheeks. At first I was too relaxed to notice but he actually started to get an erection and soon the heavy tip was almost parting my cheeks as it slid back and forth. It was a pleasant feeling and I caught myself pushing up ever so slightly as he moved forward. My own cock was getting hard against the mattress too. He worked his way down to my hips and I was almost disappointed as his cock lost contact with my small ass. He massaged and rubbed my upper legs and started to let his hands cup my soft cheeks.

The only thing he said through the entire message was, “You have a nice soft ass just like a woman, and I love to handle it.”  As he seemed locked on to rubbing my cheeks I felt his hands moved between my legs and his fingers “accidentally” came in contact with my balls several times and I’m sure he realized my cock was hard underneath me. I felt a strange wonderful new feeling flow between my legs and I knew this guy had made a lasting step toward a new friendship that would not end after just one night’s drunkenness.

A Friend In Need ( Part 1 )

14 Jun

I had been married eight years when I first suspected my wife was seeing someone else. She had been an over-sexed woman since our courtship began and I had struggled to keep up with her demands in the bedroom. Not that I wasn’t active myself but she just wanted it all the time.

She has a work and her boss began to require later and later hours. She started to return home late with booze on her breath and she told me they all went out for a drink after work. I even smelled what I thought to be semen on her one night and that was when I decided to check things out for my own satisfaction. My wife loved to give me pleasure and I suspected she was doing it for someone at work.

She always called me at work to let me know when she was working late which was now starting to be 3 or 4 times a week. On this day I wished her my best when she called but I decided to be in the parking lot when she got off. I left work a little bit early to make certain I didn’t miss her. I was slumped down out of sight in my car when she walked out of the building with her boss beside her. They played it cool until they got out of sight of the door and then they both got into his Cadillac.

He slid over and grabbed her and I had screwed around in a car enough to know what he was doing when his hands started to move over her body. I could see her head and her eyes were closed as he ran his hands up her dress and caressed her tender privates. This went on for several minutes until I heard the car start. I reached and cranked the ignition and started to follow them but much to my surprise they only drove to a deserted part of the lot in the back and parked again. I eased in behind them as close as I dared but they were already too busy to see me.

He appeared to be fumbling with his pants and soon I saw her lean over and her head drop to his lap. She was sucking his cock just like she had done mine so many times!!! I could see her red-head pop up and down as she sucked like a little whore. He threw his head back against his seat and held her head down on his wet cock and I knew she was sucking his sperm hungrily from his hard muscle. She stayed down for several minutes and I knew she was sucking him dry as she loved to swallow.

When I saw her rise up and kiss him I just drove away, disgusted and hurt. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to go get drunk. I frequented the bars more and more as I tried to drown my feelings of self-pity and woe. I was really starting to feel the effects until one night I met a guy who would change my life forever.

I had been drinking all evening while sitting at a bar near my home. I was in no condition to drive and when I started to leave the bartender asked if I wanted a cab. It was almost closing time and I was really plastered. I insisted I could drive but he would not let me out the door which had been locked to prevent any new customers from coming in.  I ended up giving him my keys and he offered to drive me home. He locked my car near the entrance and we got into his pick-up truck and drove toward my house as I gave him directions. When I neared my home I saw the big white Cadillac parked at my place.

Drunkenly I blurted out for my friend to stop his truck. I didn’t want to go in as I knew I would probably find her boss fucking my wife as her bedroom light was the only one on in the house. I finally managed to get across to my friend what was happening and he slowly started to drive on by my house. We ended up back at my car after stopping at a small 24 hour fast-food for some hot coffee. He listened patiently as I told him my story and seemed genuinely concerned. I wanted to go to a motel but he insisted that he had an extra bunk in his two bedroom apartment and I finally gave in and agreed to spend the night with him.  He said he would bring me back to pick up my car the next morning. It was Friday and I was off work on Saturday so I could sleep late.

I felt lonely and tired as the coffee began to sober me up. As we drove the five or six miles to my friend’s apartment I started to look him over. Even though I had drunk at his bar many nights I had never been sober enough to pay much attention to him. He was a very handsome guy and fairly young too. He had short-cropped hair and looked as if he probably spent some time in the gym. He was well-groomed and neat even after working an eight-hour shift.

As the truck hummed along I dozed a little but was soon awakened as he shook my arm and told me we were at his place. Soon we were entering his ground level apartment and as I entered I realized it was super nice! Everything was neat as a pin and decorated in good taste. I was impressed to say the least. I wondered where a bartender got the money to afford it.

I found out later as we chatted over another cup of coffee. Seems his folks had both died of cancer and his father who was the last to go had left quite an insurance policy consisting of money in the six-digit range. He also left the home which my friend had sold. It was set for life and just took the bartender’s job to meet people and have something to do.

Sex With A Married Man ( Part 7 )

31 May

He was standing there in front of me. I was standing there too, just looking at him, admiring his beautiful body. He is so perfect. I leaned forward and bending down I kissed his cock feeling the heat of it on my lips. Better drain it a little, before he plugs into me. Swollen blood vessels ran along the edge of it. My hand encircled hairy balls big as apples, and my fingers sought his warm wet cock.

He spread his legs to balance himself, shoved his hips forward. He wanted the suck as much as I did. Perhaps he realized the benefit of getting off first, before the fuck. There’s no better, more satisfying connection than a hard cock slipping down your throat.

I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and sucked his cock deep into my throat. My tongue rolled around the underside of the smooth tip, washing pleasure into it. His groans made it more pleasure for me, cause I knew how much he loved it. Loved it like I loved doing it.

Slowly, he began to push deeper down my throat. I could feel his bristly pubic bush on my upper lip and on my nose, and my chin caught the slap of his low hanging hairy balls as they bounced against it. My trembling fingers continued their slow trace along his ass crack. It was hairy, moist and smelly.

His splash took a long time, long minutes of excruciating pleasure.

The power blast of cum, hot salty cream striking the back of my throat. I hung onto his ass cheeks, holding him in position, licking the hard muscle with my tongue, and when his sharp pleasure turned to pain, he pulled away. “GOD” was all that he whispered, and he fell onto the tile floor.

He was on his back, his arms resting at his sides, his incredible cock was still sticking up into the air reaching for the ceiling. I was hypnotized by the sight of his naked body, and I wanted his giant cock inside me. Anxious for the fuck, I stood over him, and my legs straddled his hips. I lowered myself down upon his saliva-slick cock.  It slipped inside, slowly at first, but with a lunge of his hips it was in all the way.

Before he arrived so unexpectedly, I had been playing with a greased dildo. My rectum was slippery with lube, and for that reason the entry was easy and almost painless. His eyes were open, riveted on mine, watching every movement, every expression of pleasure on my face that his humongous cock caused, as it massaged my prostate.

And so I began the ride, easing his cock in deeper, then out almost to the tip, then in again. I put a squeeze on my ass muscles, tightening the hold of his precious member, milking pleasure into it.

I looked down upon his perfect body, and I knew it could never be better than this. The indescribable pleasure of his cock rubbing the inside of me, touching all the hidden nerves that cause so much exquisite sensation. His lips formed a kiss. The fingers of one hand worked his nipple, the other hand found my swollen cock and began to masturbate me.

I wanted to bend down to kiss him, to feel the roughness of his unshaven beard that appeared on his cheeks and chin, to sense the real masculinity of him, while I rode his cock up and down. But I was afraid if I did he might slip out breaking the spell, so I continued the ride.

His groans became shouts of loud screaming passionate filthy words, words that were outrageous and exciting. He demanded all the strength I could give him. Sweat formed on my hairy chest and dripped down on his hairy stomach. I could feel it flow into my pits. The stink of it was wonderful.

And then with a sharp cry and super strength he pushed his hips up off the floor, carrying me up higher and higher. Somehow I fell on my back, he was hovering over me. The position totally changed. My legs found a resting place on his shoulders.

He hung over me now. His cock grew bigger, harder, as he plunged it in and out of my hole. In moments he was ready for the come, and with a shout that could be heard in London his orgasm splashed hot love cream into the deep cave of my rectum. And my cock rubbing on his hairy stomach caused my own wonderful explosion, shooting luscious cum into his belly hair.

And with exquisite pleasure that swallowed both of us into another super wet dream, I knew at once it was the greatest sex I had ever had.  I was captured in the thrall of him. The exquisite pleasure of giving.  Oh man, I will do anything, anything for you Jerry, just ask.

After a long while he stirred, sat up and looked at me, “That was something, wasn’t it” he grinned, “So great”. And then he paused long enough for brief kiss, “We’ll do it again won’t we, after we rest a bit?” he asked with a shy smile.

“Yes Jerry, we’ll do it again. Come lay next to me. See if you can get some sleep”.

“Friday night, you’ll come over to my place, okay? We’ll show Laurie”.

And as he fell asleep, I lay beside him thinking of new things and new ways, until several hours later he awoke and we began again.

Sex With A Married Man ( Part 6 )

30 May

“Laurie asked me to invite you over for some play Friday night” he said in a soft voice, almost a whisper. It was as though he knew he was about to divulge something that he shouldn’t.

“What?” I said. I was shocked.

“She wants to meet you”.

“Jerry, tell me, does she know about us?”

“Well, sure, we don’t have secrets, especially about sex”. He shifted his position, his hand resting on my balls, fingers threading through the hairs. It felt good. I was both excited and upset by what he was saying. I couldn’t even think of the possibilities.

“You mean she wants me to come over to your house on Friday? To have sex with the two of you? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Well yeah, isn’t that alright?”

“Yeah, I guess so” I said. And then I added, “I had never been with a woman, I’m not sure I’d know what to do.”

“She figured that. That’s what turned her on. Besides, she wants to watch me suck your cock; she said she had never seen two guys making out”.

“Jerry, I’m not sure about this. I’m not sure I can even get it up for her”, but I could feel an added stirring in my cock, and the thought of what we could do was intriguing”.

So I let it rest. The time was now, and now I had this gorgeous hunk sitting next to me, and I wanted him. I wanted him to fuck me. So we watched porn on video, and forgot about Laurie. Our fingers massaged secret places, and we kissed gentle kisses. We were two naked men consumed with growing lust, and need, playing the game of the slow tease. Pressing smooth warm flesh against moist body hair. Increasing passion and desire until we could hold off no longer.

I broke the spell. I wanted his cock up my ass. I wanted to feel him inside me. Couldn’t wait so I pulled him up. Holding him in my arms, I felt the strength of him, and I said in a quiet voice, “I want you to fuck me”.

“Yeah I want that too”, he said with a grin, “ I have been thinking about it since this afternoon, been thinking of it a lot”.

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